What Does My Insurance Cover?

It all depends. Generally speaking, for water or sewage damage and mold resulting from a storm or frozen pipe, most insurance will automatically cover repairs. But for mold that develops over a long period of time and damage repairs resulting from a flash flood, many people and businesses are not automatically covered unless you have specially requested it in your policy, often called a “rider.” For COVID-19 disinfecting, it is too new to be specially covered. However, we have seen several general business liability policies cover these.

On the other hand, for mold related to water damage, it is covered if it is a direct result of a very recent “sudden and accidental” water damage claim. If you contact Minneapolis Water Damage Specialist 24/7 within 72-hours of your water damage instance, any mold that forms in that period is covered because of your water damage. The insurance company is required to cover it if it is a direct result of your recent loss.


Your best bet is to contact us immediately for water or sewage removal, mold mitigation and remediation, storm damage, or COIVD-19 disinfecting. We work with insurance every day and know how to document your situation and present your claim in a detailed manner. In our experience, most insurance companies want to help you recover quickly from a disaster, and we strive to work with them closely so they can.

After accessing your situation, we immediately initiate contact with your insurance to minimize any loss in time and promptly implement protocols.

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Areas of Expertise

Water, Raw Sewage Removal

Minneapolis Water Damage Specialist 24/7 is the #1 Google Reviewed and rated Minneapolis water removal, clean up, and water damage restoration company serving homeowners and businesses for frozen pipe, basement flooding, flash floods, and raw sewage.

COVID-19 Disinfecting for Homeowners and Businesses

Due to COVID-19, we have implemented the latest CDC and OSHA guidelines and protocols in our operations to ensure the safety of our technicians and customers. Also, we are now offering “proactive” and “reactive” COVID-19 disinfection for homeowners, businesses, property managers, and landlords (Learn More).

Mold Mitigation and Remediation

While mold can potentially be a health hazard, it is a naturally occurring microorganism that can be treated. We use state of the art cleaning and drying equipment and techniques for mold remediation.

Water, Sewage, and Storm Damage Restoration

If you experience storm damage, water or sewage backup in your home or business and water is leaking or intruding into it, call us immediately. Water exposed to a live electrical source is dangerous. Our technicians can help.